Model Railway Electronics

To many people I'm best known for the books I've written on the application of electronics to model railways. Here's a section on the subject.

Now that my books are out of print, I'm happy to publish here the two circuits for which I'm probably best known: the TEKTOR universal track circuit and the PWAyMan analogue controller. This was so named because it uses Pulse Width and Amplitude Modulation - you set the speed on the speed control in the normal way and a servo locks the train to that speed. Both these circuits are still being built and used around the world. Also included are some new circuits, including the PWAM2 analogue controller.

Commercial Notes

So far as I am concerned, anyone may freely build and use the circuits/models described here. Anyone may freely manufacture the circuit/model or a kit of parts for it and sell this for a profit. I am not seeking royalties. My only wish is to be credited as the original designer.


I am happy to discuss model railway electronics topics, whether or not they relate to the projects here or in my books. Just email me.

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