My Faith

What I Believe

As a Christian, I believe that Jesus, the Son of God, died on the cross for me and that He rose again from the dead, so is my living Saviour. I believe that help is available to me through Godís Holy spirit. I believe that God still speaks today through the Bible.

I do my best to reflect my beliefs through respect for all with whom I have contact, including honesty in business dealings. I believe in treating other people as I would wish them to treat me.

My Pilgrimmage to Date

I became a Christian at the age of 19 through the youth outreach of the Baptist Church in Stanmore, North London, where I lived at the time. While at University I felt a call to the ministry and trained at Spurgeonís College in London. I served as Minister at Tenterden (Zion) Baptist Church, in Kent, from 1973 to 1977.

Although I then returned to secular employment, I continued to help in local churches as best I could, being a member of Rugby Baptist Church for over 30 years. During this time I served as a deacon for many years and as a House Group leader. I also served as spare-time pastor of Wolston Baptist Church, near Coventry, and West Haddon Baptist Church, near Northampton. At various times I also filled the role of Free Church Chaplain at Rugby (St Lukeís) and, later, Rugby (St Cross) Hospitals.

From September 2003 until May 2008 I was Pastor of New Christ Church (Baptist) in Aston, Birmingham. This is a conservative evangelical fellowship in a vibrant inner-city district, where oddly enough many of my ancestors lived in the 19th century. The congregation is mainly Afro-Caribbean, although people of all races are welcome.

The Present Situation

At the end of May 2008 I retired and moved back to Rugby. Because of back problems (a slipped disc and osteo-arthritis in the lower spine) for a while I had difficulty in standing for more than a few minutes and reluctantly gave up my preaching ministry; recently my condition has improved and I am available once more for occasional preaching engagements.

In 2012 I completed an MA course by Distance Learning in Aspects of Biblical Interpretation from the London School of Theology, which I had begun towards the end of my pastorate at Aston. I heartily recommend this course to all seriously interested in understanding the Bible and applying its teaching in today's world.

My dissertation was on Matthew's understanding of the righteous and the sinners. Although this was, in one sense, an academic exercise rather than preparation of devotional material, I found myself deeply challenged as I analysed Matthew's understanding of righteousness and came to the disturbing conclusion that the Christian life as practised in many mainstream churches in the UK today bears little resemblance to discipleship as taught by Jesus in Matthew's Gospel.

Since then I have continued my Biblical research in order to explore a fascinating topic raised in my MA dissertation, namely the portrayal of the Pharisees in the New Testament. The outcome of this is my first theological book. Entitled Hypocrites or Heroes? The Paradoxical Portrayal of the Pharisees in the New Testament, it was officially published on 22 April 2015. For further details click here.

During the Autumn term of 2013 I ran a successful short course called 'Get More from the Bible' at the Percival Guildhouse in Rugby. Because of family commitments I have not led any more courses there since that one, but hope to do so in the future. Details will appear here if and when arrangements are finalised.

In addition to preaching engagements, I'm happy to visit churches or other Christian organisations to lead seminars/day conferences in the following topics:

Please contact me with any queries or requests.

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